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This blog is a version english providing practical career guidance for student. This is blog can be used by school counsellors, students and parents to explore and discover future career options. Students can use this blog to learn about a range of career options and to gain an understanding of th skill, learning areas and a personal attributes required for particular careers. This blog can be used in the classroom with teachers and students for career counselling and also used by students at home with their parents. This is a method Study smart that we used to learn.
Education is a part of lifelong learning. Your career is likely to involve a combination of both formal and informal education. Altought a career doesn’t necessarily reflect our education still plays an important role in developing our ways of thinking and behaving as well as supplying us with basic knowledge.
Study smart aims to respond to and reflect on current philosohies and theoreticl understanding underpinning career guidance practices. This is blog demonstrates that career is more than just a job, it include all the facets and roles in a individual’s life. It is never too early to start planning your future.


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