Work Experience

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Work Experience…

It is usually for a short of time, and does not involve getting paid.  This is a step of readiness to start their career in the actual workforce. It usually places you in a certain area of work with a mentor to show you the work and give you feed back.
You gain the opportunity to learn, upgrade your skill and knowledge.  Work experience is an arrangement between you and an employer where you carry out task in the workplace, gaining experience in that area of work.

All practical work experience is very important to support our careers in the future. A work experience may offer valuable insights into, what a job involves:
structured, supervised, hands-on experience so you can assess whether the occupation is for you; understanding of the world of work; useful work skill which are recognised in the workplace; confidence in your ability to learn and gain further competencies; work or life skills like communicating effectively and working in the teams ; a chance to demonstrate your ability to contribute in a work environment and a current referee. Work experiences increases your network of employers and builds your understanding of the local workforce

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