Day: October 11, 2013

Life Roles

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Life Roles
You undertake many life roles during your career and some of them at the same time. These roles could be as a family member, a learner, a woker, a spouse/partner, a religous or spiritual participants, a leisure participant, a citizen and a friend which involve different set of attitudes, vaues, and skills.

Your responsibilities and associations change over time within each of these roles. Because of our different roles in the community, we may choose a career that will still suport the role. For examlpe, when a female teacher become a mother and decides not to teach at scholl, she can still become a teacher but doing it from home. So her teaching career from home suits her roles as a mother, too. When someone knows that one day she has to to play a certain role in life(i.e taking care his/her sick family) than careers that can be done from home will be best options.