Enterprise Activities

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Enterprise Activities
An enterprise is an activity or a project that produces services or product for others in the community.
Entrepreneurs are people who organise and manage an entreprise by opening up new employment possibilities.
Having enterprising or entrepreneurial attributes is also highly valued in some workplaces and industry sectors since it shows your ability to manage a whole aspect of a business,
for example an ability to run a small shop effectively will be a valuable attribute to be applied in bigger international scale enterprises.

There are several type of enterprises such as business enterprises (or often referred as small businesses), visible small business
(e.g. sport stores, computer games hire and sales, computer services, restaurants, bakeries, printers,hairdressing,salons, crash repairs, shops) ; franchises ; less visible small busineses
(e.g. self employed people such as plumbers, painters, cleaners, electricians, builders, computer technicians, dress makers, caterers, doctors, dentists, etc) and social enterprises (e.g community-based child care centres, health care centres, sport clubs).




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